Asian females are very sensual and attractive. No matter if they are oversize or tiny, they radiate energy and beauty. That’s one of the reasons why more and more men are interested in meeting and dating Filipino women. 

However, it’s not that easy to find a Filipino BBW. It’s not like you can go out and meet Filipino women in the nearest nightclub. Luckily, you don’t have to worry because the Internet has brought numerous fantastic things to society. 

One of them is online dating, so if you’re interested in meeting a plus size Filipino woman, you are in the right place. We’ve decided to give you some valuable tips and advice on how to date online and find yourself a single Filipino woman, but first, let us tell you more about Filipino women. 

Filipino girl plus size

What are Filipino women like 

  • Romantic

Filipino women have a very romantic nature. They love attention and small details and love to make their men feel happy and special. They also don’t like pragmatic and stingy men, so you’ll need a romantic and generous personality if you want to date a Filipina. 

  • Ready to commit

If you’re looking for relationship-minded women, you should know that Filipinas are ready to commit and have serious relationships. Namely, most Filipinas are usually ready to marry and start a family at an early age. 

  • Very charming

If you haven’t met a Filipino woman yet, you will be amazed at how charming and cheerful these women are. They are very positive, and almost every Filipina has a uniquely interesting personality. Most men would love to get infected by their charming and optimistic outlook. 

  • Kitchen talented

Filipinas are impressive at cooking as much as they are beautiful and charming. They are learning cooking skills at a very young age, and they love to prepare food. If you’re looking for a woman that is not scared of cooking duties, Filipinas are the best choice. 

Tips on how to date a single big beautiful Filipino woman online

If you want to find a chubby Filipino woman and be successful in online dating, you should know a couple of things. Here are some useful tips you should keep in mind when dating online. 

  • Be open about your intentions

If you want to have a clean start with Filipina, keep in mind that you need to be open and clear about your intentions and expectations at the very beginning. As we already said, they don’t want to waste time with indecisive and pragmatic men. 

  • Leave a good first impression

Dating websites for larger Filipino ladies are full of men interested in finding their Filipina matches. With that in mind, you should be unique and show that you’re worthy of their attention. Leave a good first impression and make an interesting dating profile if you want to attract a Filipino woman and make her stay. 

  • Communicate a lot

Online dating involves constant communication. That shouldn’t be a problem because Filipino women are very communicative and open to talking about everything. If you’re willing to initiate communication, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t meet like-minded Filipina.

  • You’ll need to have patience

Online dating is easier than traditional dating, but you need to have patience. Prepare yourself for long chats and even on a rejection. But don’t give up. Only patient people have a chance to find partners, flirts, and one-night stands on online dating platforms.

 Big Beautiful Filipino Women

Why join the best dating sites for Filipino BBW

Dating sites for fat Filipino women have numerous advantages over traditional dating. Let’s see why you should opt for online dating and why you should join some of the top dating sites for plus-size Filipino ladies. 

  • It’s convenient and easy to start

Online dating is much easier than traditional dating. You can chat with potential matches from the comfort of your home until it gets serious and you decide to meet in person. Namely, everything you need to date online is a decent Internet connection, mobile device, or a computer. 

  • You actually have a chance to meet a Filipino woman

As we already mentioned, finding a Filipina in the nearest nightclub is almost impossible. Let’s be honest – you can’t meet Filipinas randomly while you’re taking a Sunday walk. Dating platforms are usually global and full of users from all parts of the world, so you truly have high chances to meet a Filipina. 

  • You can find a serious relationship

The primary function of dating sites for singles larger Filipino women is to connect and match people with single Filipinas and help them create a special bond. If you’re looking for a serious relationship with a single Filipina, higher chances are you’ll find it online. 

  • You’ll have fun

When dating, the most important thing is to have fun and experience something new. Luckily, online dating is already a fun and interesting experience, and it can help you get relaxed and gain confidence. 

Filipino women


Dating a Filipina can be challenging, but only if you don’t understand their cheerful personality. We hope this article has helped you learn more about Filipino women and how to date one. Don’t waste your time – go find your big beautiful Filipino woman today. 


1. Can I find overweight Filipino women near me?

Yes, you can. Many dating platforms offer a service to limit your search by area and meet local single overweight Filipina. You just need to find a dating site that has the option to narrow your search by location. 

2. Are Filipinas hard to get?

We already mentioned that Filipinas love romantic and persistent men. They usually don’t want to waste their time being in casual relationships. You just need to be persistent and take the initiative, and it will not be difficult to seduce Filipina.

3. Is it true that Filipinas love rich men?

There’s a popular opinion that Filipinas generally like rich men. However, that’s a misconception. They are just raised and taught that men need to have a leading position in the relationship. Filipinas love men capable of working, paying bills and men ready to financially support the family. 

4. Are Filipinas good for marriage?

Absolutely. Filipinas are usually ready to commit, be faithful, and have a serious approach to marriage. If a Filipina tells you that she wants to marry you, she’s pretty serious about the decision.