Even though the first dating sites appeared way back in the mid-1990s, the online dating scene recently went through a major transformation. With so many new websites launching, BHM dating sites for single men became one of the favorites.

But, not all of the BHM dating sites offer the same high-quality dating features some of the most popular sites are known for. That’s why we’ve decided to single out the top 4 dating sites all big handsome men are welcome to join and use. But first, we’ll mention what makes these sites great.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about BHM online dating, keep reading.

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Advantages of using dating sites for big handsome men

Compared to traditional dating, these dating sites come with plenty of benefits big handsome men can enjoy. Here are just some of them.

  • Large member base

Even if you’re the most outgoing person, it’s simply impossible to have access to meeting hundreds of available singles in real life. This is what makes online dating for BHM outstanding, as they all have a large and diverse member base. Furthermore, the members are either BHM or interested in dating them, so you’ll have no trouble finding someone you’re compatible with.

  • Easy use

These sites feature a simple design and smooth user experience, so they’re extremely easy to use. Basic computer skills are more than enough for you to master website navigation. Therefore, online dating with these sites is suitable for all age groups, regardless of your existing computer knowledge.

  • Unique features

There’s an ongoing misconception that online dating isn’t as fun as real-life dating. But, everyone who has tried online dating can agree that’s not the case.

Dating platforms come with all kinds of unique features to make online dating an exciting and adventurous experience. From matchmaking roulettes to various quizzes, surveys, and chat suggestions, there are countless options to make your dating experience fun and memorable.

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  • Enhanced safety

Dating sites implement the latest security features and always keep them updated to ensure their users’ privacy and safety remain at the highest levels when they meet people online. That way, you’re protected from any cybercrime that might be lurking around the internet.

  • Comfortable dating

How does meeting new people and dating from the comfort of your own house sound? By using dating sites, you can turn this into reality. Besides enjoying the most relaxing dating experience from the comfort of your home, you can also bring dating with you wherever you go. Simply choose a portable device and stay in touch with special people.

The four best online dating sites for BHM men

As BHM dating becomes increasingly popular, there are more and more dating platforms launched in this niche. However, here you’ll find a list of BHM dating websites that proved to be the best currently available ones.

1. eHarmony


Global popularity and a large member base are the two key features that make eHarmony one of the best choices when it comes to online dating. Besides having millions of members you can choose from, the platform itself is very helpful during the entire process. For instance, you can find various blog posts on safety tips and secrets of dating you can implement for better results.

2. FatFlirt


FatFlirt is one of the leading BHM friendly dating sites where you can exclusively meet other singles looking for a BHM partner. Whether you’re looking to meet international or local chubby individuals, FatFlirt is here to help you out during the entire process. So, register and explore your dating options today!

3. BBW-Romance


Another great choice for all BHM singles looking to spice up their romantic life is BBW-Romance. It’s among the top BHM men dating sites. With free signup and thousands of registered users, you can easily meet like-minded individuals whether you’re interested in a casual or serious relationship.

4. BBWFriendsDate


Finally, the list of the most popular BHM websites wouldn’t be complete without mentioning BBWFriendsDate on it. Namely, you can find many BBWs looking for compatible partners without paying a penny. So, whether you want to find a voluptuous friend, partner, or soulmate, you can’t go wrong with BBWFriendsDate, as it’s one of the current favorites among many.

Final thoughts

To sum everything up, online dating platforms allow all singles to meet someone they like, and they’re compatible with. When it comes to BHM dating, in particular, the four websites mentioned above will guarantee all BHM singles have a pleasant and exciting dating experience.

With that being said, these platforms are a great chance to meet someone special whether you’re looking for a friendship, casual hookup, serious relationship, or even marriage.


1. Are there any good BHM local dating sites?

Although there are many great local dating platforms, any dating site can be local, thanks to search filters. Namely, all you have to do is apply a location search filter, and you’ll only see profiles of singles located near you.

2. Can I find like-minded singles online?

Dating sites have many features that ensure their matchmaking is accurate. There are many ways to meet only like-minded individuals, from personality quizzes, matchmaking surveys to compatibility scores.

3. How safe is online dating?

Online dating is very safe. What’s more, it’s getting safer and safer with each day. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay alert. Fake profiles and inappropriate behavior are still there, which is why you should be cautious, especially when sharing personal information with others.

4. How long should I chat with someone before inviting them on a date?

The perfect time for the first date depends on numerous factors, including how well you got to know each other, how frequently you talk, and how distant you are from each other. Nevertheless, most users wait approximately three months before inviting their significant other on a first real-life date.